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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Adobe InDesign Online Course Basic | E-learning | Distance Learning | DL


08 Dec 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Online



In Brief

Online basic distance learning course E-learning with Adobe InDesign for the graphic layout of documents, printing, e-books.

12 hours in total

Distance Training Course – DL – E-Learning
2 weeks in duration
3 lessons per week of 2 hours each
Morning and / or evening hours, to be agreed with the teacher

Method: video conference, files sharing, home assignments
Lessons in English
Course level: basic

Application closes 1 week before the course starts


Online basic distance learning course E-learning with Adobe InDesign for the graphic layout of documents, printing, e-books.

If you are wondering that the time has come for you to learn how to use Adobe InDesign, it means that you need to lay out texts and images to build a booklet to be published online, such as an e-book, or a publication or book that can be printed in a typography.

Let’s make the instance, the printer, or your publisher, asked you for a document that respects certain characteristics. Must have a custom work cage. Texts and images must have a special formatting. Custom printing and cutting margins, that vary from typography to typography. And you don’t know how.

This DL E-learning distance learning course is the right course to clarify all the technical aspects of pagination and printing. All this while you learn to use Adobe InDesign, the market leader application in the pagination world.

What will we do in this Adobe InDesign DL distance learning course?

This online distance learning program begins with the exposure of the entire printing process of a book, both typographical and electronic (e-book). Its development is such as to let you know all the important things that you will have to implement on your work.

Our teachers will help you highlight the main mistakes a beginner makes by creating a layout for letterpress printing. They will give you basic instructions to create a product that is in line with the requirements of the paper and electronic printing industry for the web (e-pub).

The study program includes an analysis of Adobe InDesign’s basic work tools for managing work tables.

At the end of this short introductory E-learning distance program, you will be able to explore several other advanced aspects of Adobe InDesign on your own, using various tutorials that are online, or you can choose to take one of our courses. You will then be able to start your personal projects. The course will provide you with skills to build electronic publications for the web or layouts for letterpress printing. At the end of this program you can start to prepare books, magazines, dossiers, commercial catalogs, and more on your own.

Equipment required

We require a laptop with Adobe InDesign installed in order to take part to this online course. Our teachers can tell you what version is needed for getting the best out of this course.

This program is supported by video conferencing sharing through an application that we make available on our site.

We can tailor and customize this course for you. We can also make this program available for one-to-one lectures. The proposed dates are indicative.

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