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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Adobe Lightroom Online Course Basic | E-learning Course | Distance Learning | DL


09 Nov 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Online



In Brief

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC online distance learning course (E-learning) for the management of the photographic library and raw file development

12 hours in total

Adobe Lightroom Online Distance Training Course – DL – E-Learning
2 weeks in duration
3 lessons per week of 2 hours each
Morning and / or evening hours, to be agreed with the teacher

Method: video conference, files sharing, home assignments
Lessons in English
Course level: basic

Application closes 1 week before the course starts


Adobe Lightroom online distance learning course (E-learning) for the management of the photographic library

Archiving, editing or development of the raw file? What do you know about these topics? A digital library allows you to keep under control all these fundamental aspects of photographic postproduction in a unique environment. With our Adobe Lightroom Online course we guide you to set up a solid base for your future workflow.

This is a basic level distance learning course of introduction to the workflow of the Adobe Lightroom library for the development and postproduction of the raw file.

Manage: learn to manage your photo files with the most popular professional software, Adobe Lightroom.

Select: learn how to choose and organize your photos, how to make a photo editing and have it available quickly.

Develop: study the best post-production way to fix your raw files with the development tools of your Lightroom library.

Why use a DAM (Digital Asset Management) library such as Adobe Lightroom to develop digital images: wasn’t Photoshop enough?

Find the photo you are looking for straight away: this is the main purpose of managing the digital library today. This part is called archiving. Learning to manage this phase is the most important thing of all in today’s modern digital photographic workflow. Most of the mistakes made by beginners relate to this phase. A wrong step at the beginning compromises the functionality of the whole system. For this reason many beginners start working with Lightroom and then quit: they started off on the wrong foot.

Choosing the best photo with an effective tool: this part is called selection (commonly called “editing” even among photographers – a language borrowed from video making). It should be done using quick and effective tools to avoid headaches. This function is also intrinsic to the Lightroom library management programs.

Raw file development: the development, or adjustment, of the raw file is the final part. You can also do this using other programs that can be connected to your library, such as Photoshop, in order to always work within your library and never lose the organization of the files as you created it.

In this Adobe Lightroom Online Distance Learning Course we give you all the information you need to avoid making initial mistakes

We want you to start building a solid management platform for your entire photo library in order to give you satisfaction right away and in the future. This new library will be used to organize all your work, both past and future.

After this course you can deepen your knowledge on the use of specific tools using the many tutorials available online. With the solid preparation provided by our course you can easily find the most advanced solutions to your future needs.

What will we do in this course

In this Adobe Lightroom E-learning course we will learn what are the fundamental steps to create a digital photographic library. In the specific, we will learn how to:

  • build a basic archive with some folders, starting from your archive photos;
  • develop projects within the filing phase;
  • develop the raw file using both Lightroom and external plug-in applications, such as Photoshop;
  • export a finished project for its use outside the library, such as sharing photos on social networks,
  • send files to a website or agency, send files for printing.

Equipment required to participate

You need to have a computer and an internet connection to take this course. In addition, there must be some space on the hard disk or (recommended solution) an empty external hard drive.

Ask us first what to buy if you don’t already have these things.



To start
What is a software for managing and developing digital photos?
Lightroom Classic CC interface.

Library module
How to correctly create and set up the Lightroom library and database
How the library and database works.
Import photos into Lightroom.
Catalog and organize photos. Differences between folder and collection.
Select images. Types of classification: color, flag, rating.
Quick view on metadata, such as keywords and EXIF ​​data
Photo viewing methods

Development module
Development interface
How to post-produce a digital photograph
Understand and read the histogram correctly
The basic editing functions
Advanced editing features
Manage sharpness and correct shake
Local retouching tools.
How to set up export to local disk and social media.

Sharing and Printing
How to create and share a slideshow presentation created with Lightroom.
Set up and print a photo from Lightroom

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