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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Alternative Photographic Processes | Workshop in Berlin


05 Jun 2020


TheDarkroom Academy - BLO Ateliers
Kaskelstrasse 55, Berlin



In Brief

Alternative Photographic Processes Berlin | 16 Sunny Rule, Wet Collodion, Salted Paper

3 days Full-Immersion, All-Inclusive Package

21 hours in total, between Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Lessons in English
Level: demonstrative, basic / intermediate / advanced

Closed number course: max 6 participants allowed
Registration closes 3 weeks before course starts

The program in short:

1st day

A photo walk in Berlin, all day long, while taking practical lessons on the field about Classical Photography and while studying the 16 Sunny Rule. Learn how to photograph without using the exposure meter, with the use of the 16 Sunny Rule, the rule exposed by a professional photographer. Development of the black and white film is included in the program.

2nd day

The Wet Collodion Process as it was carried out by the early photographers of the 1800’s. It include the making of ambrotypes and ferrotypes. Workshop in Berlin, Germany

3rd day

Photographic Print on Salt Paper, a process of Alternative Photographic Printing Processes of the 1800s, in Berlin, Germany


Three-days workshop to practice Analog Film Photography and film develop in the darkroom (or in the field! discover how with our program!)

A photographic experience to step in the very first Alternative Photographic Processes of the 19th century which sparked the art of photography, such as wet collodion and salt paper.

Come to Berlin to know the town with our strolls in the East side while exploring the secrets of the 16 Sunny Rule.

What will we do in the 3 days of the Alternative Photographic Processes Workshop in Berlin?

  • We will practice together classic analog photography and darkroom, taking photos with the analog camera.
  • You will develop on your own black and white film rolls shot with the 16 Sunny Rule.
  • The class will have photo walks in East-Berlin downtown, to practice how to exposure your film with the 16 Sunny Rule.
  • In the laboratory we will study the procedures of the Alternative Photographic Processes of the 19th century, both wet collodion and salted paper.
  • With the teacher you will prepare the necessary solutions, the collodion plates, the salted papers.
  • Photo shooting sessions with the view camera for to take photographs with wet collodion, both ferrotypes and ambrotypes, and the negatives to print with salted paper.
  • Finally we will make the work done so far printed out on salted paper.

Why to attend these 3 days of Alternative Photographic Processes Workshop in Berlin?

We have put together three study programs that are related one to each other during this Three-days weekend in Berlin.

The propaedeuticity of these studies will allow everyone to understand how the photographic technique has evolved and to independently practice the Alternative Photographic Processes of collodion and salted paper at home.

Knowledge of the 16 Sunny Rule will be of fundamental help in determining the correct exposure on the scene to be photographed, so that you no longer have to rely on an exposure meter.

Furthermore, the knowledge of the salt paper process is the gateway to other alternative processes techniques such as cyanotype, Van Dyke, platinum-palladium and many others. Knowing salted paper will also allow you to print cyanotypes and Van Dyke independently and with ease of process at home.

At the end of this Three-days workshop you will have the knowledge and skills to start taking photography with the Alternative Photographic Processes of the 19th century independently and with satisfaction.

This three day workshop is a package that includes 3 study programs. The cost of the package includes:

  • all the necessary chemistry and equipment
  • 1 black and white roll, so we can experience the 16 Sunny Rule
  • 1 ferrotype and 1 ambrotype taken by you to take home
  • at least two prints on salted paper

This package does not include accommodation, lunch and dinner. These must be arranged personally by each participant. We can help you with the possible tips and solutions to find cheap accommodation. Just inquiry us.


Program of the Three-days workshop Alternative Photographic Processes in Berlin

1st day

Friday morning, meeting at the premise at 9:30

We will begin our photographic experience on Friday morning with the workshop on the 16 Sunny Rule, in order to deal with all the issues concerning the control of light in the scene. We will first study how exposure with the exposure meter works and how it is controlled by the camera. This study includes the shutter speed numbers, aperture numbers and ISO numbers for film sensitivity.

Lunch: TBA independently; we will be walking in Berlin, so we can arrange some brak in a local shop to stay all together.

After lunch we will continue taking photographs around the center of East-Berlin. On the way back, the film will be developed to see what “came out”. From the results we will understand what we did wrong and where we will have to improve for the next few times.

Film development may happen in the darkroom at the premise or, if possible, in the portable field darkroom set up on purpose to operate with Alternative Photographic Processes in outdoor. W’ll figure out what’s the possibility to do so during the day.

2nd day

Saturday morning, meeting at the premise at 9:30

The course begins with the study of wet collodion process. We will take a journey through history of ancient photographic processes. This study is fundamental to understand how the idea of ​​wet collodion was born and why it has been so successful on other techniques that were experimented at the time, including the daguerreotype. You will see how collodion was the precursor of all modern photographic technique, the one that led to the classic film that we still use today.

Such a short historical journey will be – hopefully – inspiring to you to deepen other alternative processes in the next future and expand this way your creativity.

The program continues with the study on the process and chemistry. Collodion allows a vast choice of possibilities, each one depending on everyone’s tastes. In this workshop we will try to head everyone to their best path, with the presentation of a basic procedure that is easy to handle, even for beginners.

After the necessary solutions are ready, we will move on to the sensitization of some plates and to make some test shots, to demonstrate how the whole process takes place.

Lunch: TBA independently.

In the afternoon each participant will prepare their own plate and take their own photograph. Everyone will have the opportunity to carry out the whole process of wet collodion with their own hands, so that everyone can shoot and develop a ferrotype (the positive version) and an ambrotype (the negative version).

3rd day

Sunday morning, meeting at the premise at 9:30

On the last day of the workshop we will talk about salt paper and how this invention was made by William Henri Fox Talbot. We will see how its commercial applications was unfolded, what the advantages on collodion were as well as its limits.

We will prepare the necessary solutions for the papers and give all the detailed procedure to be able to make successfully prints on salted paper at home.

Afterwords we will shoot some pictures on negatives with the view camera and prepare some ambrotypes for the salt paper process.

Lunch: TBA independently.

Printing, washing and finishing of the salted papers, in order to allow everyone to take home at least a good and finished copy of the work that we could have done.


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