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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Analog Photography Course Basic Level in Tiber Valley Umbria


29 Oct 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Tiber Valley
Via Biturgense 100, Città di Castello, Perugia



In Brief

Analog photography course in Città di Castello, Tiber Valley, Umbria, for to learn how to use your film camera and to develop your own photos

46 hours in total

3 months of duration
1 class per week of 2.5 hours, every Thursday (tailorable to student’s needs)
1 daytime field trip of 4 hours, every month, on Saturdays or Sundays

Lessons in English
Level of the course: basic

Application deadline 1 week prior course beginning


Analog photography course in Città di Castello (PG), Tiber Valley, Umbria.

A series of practical lessons in the studio and outdoor field trips for to practice the theory acquired in class.

Analog photography and darkroom, for to discover (or rediscover) photography at its roots.

This is the main goal of this analogue photography course: to realize that photography is something real that you can touch and handle (the print), which is demanding attention and care while figuring it out.

With this course we want to make you experiencing photography as something real, that requires hand-on process. Every step is a do-it-yourself process for to reach the final goal: the printed image on a sheet of paper.

You will realize how easy is to set up a developing lab at home, for to process your own roll of film.

This analog photography course is a basic program indeed. It can provide you with all the basics you need for to learn and carry out photography at a starting level.

We will teach you how to use your film photocamera well, even the one your grandfather left you from his childhood. Basics of aesthetics and composition will complete the program. At the end of the course study you will be able to criticise your own photos for improving your way.

Our photo course will be a practical experience where you will put your hands on everything we’ll do.

Don’t expect to sit down for a long time in front of a monitor. We will actively work and operate our devices for to achieve our final goal: the printed picture.

The course is taught by the professional photographer Michele Pero.

You can take a look at his skills with photography at various levels and check out his experience with teaching photography on his website.

Use the herewith provided contact form to inquiry us. We will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you.



Lesson 1.
Introduction. Checklist. Materials to buy.
History of photography. Evolution of the photocamera. The modern photocamera. Operation of the photocamera. Lenses.
Homework assigned

Lesson 2.
Homework review. Aesthetics and personal goals: how to achieve them.
Photography technique: apertures, shutter speeds, ISO numbers, how to handle exposure with the f16 Sunny rule.

Field trip 1.
Sunny rule practice in outdoor.

Lesson 3.
Darkroom work. Film development.

Lesson 4.
Darkroom work: analysis of previous film development and enlargements of negatives.

Lesson 5.
Reciprocity in the speed/aperture numbers. Depth of field and motion.
Homework assigned.

Field trip 2.
Practice of depth of field and motion in outdoor.

Lesson 6.
Darkroom work and critics.
Depth of field and motion in the details. Analysis and critics of aesthetics related to the use of reciprocity in photography
Homework assigned.

Lesson 7.
Darkroom work and critics.
Architectural and landscape photography: tricks and tips. Use of tripod.
Homework assigned.

Lesson 8.
Darkroom work and critics.
Architectural photography in deep. 
Choice of lenses. Wide-angle lens, normal lens, telephoto lens: when and how to use them for a better result.
Homework assigned

Filed trip 3.
Architectural photography in outdoor. Shooting a ghost town in Tuscany.

Lesson 9.
Darkroom work and critics.
Picturing people. Problems and solutions.
Planning a story.

Filed trip 4.
Social photo-reportage on the field.

Lesson 11.
Darkroom work and critics. Printing of final best of work done.

Lesson 12.
Darkroom work and critics. Printing of final best of work done. Final portfolio.
Final critics of work done and suggestion for keeping on studying photography.


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