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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Pinhole Photography Workshop Città di Castello | Umbria


03 Jul 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Tiber Valley
Via Biturgense 100, Città di Castello, Perugia



In Brief

Pinhole photography workshop for taking pictures using the camera obscura principle, in Città di Castello, Tiber Valley, Umbria

4-hours full-immersion

Half day duration (morning or afternoon, upon agreement)
4 hours class

Lesson in English
Level: basic, hands-on workshop

Application deadline 1 week prior course beginning


Pinhole photography workshop for taking pictures using the camera obscura principle.

With this short four-hour experience we will learn how to take photographs as they did at the dawn of this art. We will use simple “cameras” which will be real “camera obscura” like those used by pioneers of photography in the early 19th century.

The pinhole photography workshop lasts half a day, in the morning or afternoon, for about four hours. It also includes a darkroom phase dedicated to the development of photographs taken with pinhole cameras. Pinhole boxes are provided by the school.

We will use not only pinhole cameras in the strict sense of the term, that is provided with a pin-hole (from “steno” = “narrow, as small as a pinhole”), but also rudimentary cameras equipped with objective, to experience both the first steps of photography and the following ones, when they started to be fitted with lenses instead of the pinhole.

What to do in this half-day pinhole photography workshop

The program includes a first theoretical phase, where the camera obscura technique and the principle of operation of the pinhole camera will be presented. A phase of study of the correct lighting will follow to understand how to use our pinhole boxes outside.

Then we will take a walk through the center of Città di Castello to “take” photographs with black and white photographic paper, to be developed upon our return to the darkroom.

At the end of the developments, the participants will return home with the photos they have made themselves.

We want to bring all enthusiasts closer to the first steps taken by photography as they happened two centuries ago.

We also want to make it clear how technology has evolved to reach our modern digital cameras, but that the basis of operation always remains the same, that is, light that passes through a lens and arrives on a photosensitive surface.

This pinhole photography workshop is an opportunity to get closer to the world of the darkroom and black and white photography. It is particularly suitable for children, because it stimulates them to know and take an interest in a new and practical thing, which they will have to handle on their own, but it is also suitable for adults to discover the origins of art that we are all passionate about.

Want to deepen darkroom photography further? Check out our Darkroom Black And White Photography Workshop in Tiber Valley for to study how to develop a roll of black and white film properly and make your own print out of it.

What should you bring for this Pinhole Workshop

We make available our “pinhole boxes” to all participants. The cost of the course also includes the use of photographic paper and the darkroom to develop the photos taken.

You should arrive with a notebook to take notes (there’s a long procedure to learn) and an apron to protect your vests. Alternatively you can arrive with some dress you don’t care about. Chemicals used in this workshop stain fabrics in a permanent way! Be prepared for this.



  • Meeting and introduction to the workshop
  • Lecture on early photographic discoveries and the camera obscura
  • Lecture on light management
  • Hands on pinhole cameras, photographic paper and loading the boxes.
  • Walk to town for taking pictures
  • Back to darkroom for developing pictures
  • Final conclusions and farewell


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