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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Street Photography Analog Workshop in Berlin


21 Aug 2020 - 23 Aug 2020


TheDarkroom Academy - BLO Ateliers
Kaskelstrasse 55, Berlin



In Brief

Analogue street photography workshop in Berlin to stroll the most suggestive places in East Berlin and develop your films in a photographic darkroom.

3 days full-immersion

Street Photography Berlin Workshop meeting is on Friday at 9:30 am;
1st day shooting in town;
2nd day darkroom work;
3rd day shooting in town again;
end of workshop on Sunday afternoon at 5 pm circa.

Lessons in English
Level of the course: intermediate
Closed number: max 5 participants admitted

Closed number course: max 5 participants allowed!
Application deadline 3 weeks prior course beginning


A three-days full-immersion experience in Berlin for a unique experience on street photography with analog cameras and digital also!

Join this program to have a weekend in Berlin while strolling in town for to explore its beauty and get in with Berliner culture.

The professional photographer Michele Pero will be your guide and teacher during these three-days workshop in Berlin.

A photographic experience open to beginners, amateurs and travel addicted photographers

This experience is dedicated to both amateurs and professionals, and to anyone who is willing to learn how to process film in a photographic darkroom and/or likes to explore Berlin with a photocamera at hand.

We offer a unique experience on storytelling photography and street photography while visiting important landmarks in Berlin and therefore learn how to develop and print a classic black and white film.

A journey with a professional photographer

Michele has taken many of his pictures of the series “La Dolce Vita Made in Germany” right in Berlin and he knows the town very well. Together with him you will explore the beautiful corners of the hidden Berlin, especially East side, which is quickly disappearing.
You will have a glance to the famous Berlin night life also.

Michele will be your teacher for both analog technique for taking photos in the field and also for your darkroom experience. He will teach you how to develop a roll of black and white film and also how to make prints out of it. A professional darkroom in Berlin will be at our disposal and you will be able to see the results of your film shots right away, just the day after you took them.

You can check in Michele’s website to read about his long experience on teaching to students from all over the World and on his skills as both a photographer and a darkroom operator.

Access requirements for Street Photography Berlin Workshop

The workshop is open to participants who already are comfortable using their own camera. Even if the teacher will help you with a mentoring support to improve the use and effectiveness of your camera operations, you are supposed to already know the basics of taking pictures with your camera.

An attitude to walk is mandatory. This workshop will take you to long tours in town and most of the movements will be done on foot.

You should like taking photos of people, stories and you should have an interest in documentary photography.

Roll of Films

You need to show up with some rolls of film of the following types:

Ilford HP5, FP4, Delta 400, Delta 3200;
Kodak Tri-X 400, Tmax 400, Tmax P3200;
Agfa APX 400;
Rollei RPX 400;
Foma Fomapan 400;
Fuji Neopan 400, Neopan 1600.

Please stay stick to these recommended types. In case you already have other kinds of films please email us for a double check if they are suitable for our needs or not.

For further reading about deepening the matter of what to bring for this workshop, please read our Student Guide.

Analog photo cameras

You can work with 35 mm, medium format films and even up to 4×5 in sheet film, if you like.

Please make sure your camera is in fully working conditions and eventually serviced and tested (!) before to attend the workshop.
We suggest you to read our articles about photocameras in our bog InTheDarkroom for a further deepening of this subject matter.

Travel and accommodation in Berlin

We will help you to find best ways to get to Berlin and accommodation near the area where the workshop will take place.

Nevertheless we are not a travel agency. Therefore we are not entitled to provide nor travel nor accommodation for you. Travel and accommodation shall be up to you.

Be sure we will assist you in any way to get you to satisfaction with travel and accommodation for your trip to Berlin during the three-days street photography workshop. A group chat will be set up for to allow you to eventually find a workshop-mate to share a room together if you like.

Terms and Conditions

The specific terms and conditions for this specific workshop experience of street photography in Berlin are described in details at the page Terms and Conditions of this website.

We kindly ask you to read them carefully and especially read the paragraph Berlin Experience. Thank you.



Michele will be your mentor and teacher in this 3-days workshop. Workshop teaching includes:

  • fine tuning your camera operations
  • understanding the goals of storytelling photoreportage and documentary photography in a broad manner, including people and urban landscape
  • teaching basic procedures for to develop a traditional black and white film in a darkroom and for to make prints out of it
    visiting of the most important city landmarks in the area,
  • planning to move even quite far from base point by public means of transportation (metro, train, bus)
  • fine tuning your visual style by mentoring while taking pictures on the field together
  • photo reviews after development with critique for improving your visual and aesthetics skills

For to achieve these goals we are planning the three days as follows:

Day 1. program

Meeting starts with participants introduction and sharing of our visions on this workshop;

Planning a Berlin tour for to meet everyone’s demand (if possible);

Reviewing camera operations and basic instructions on how to approach to street photography;

Moving to town to planned tour for taking photos during all day long.

Lunch time: meals are not included in the workshop fee but we will stay together for to share feedback and experience within the group;

Evening: a visit to some landmark places and locals in town are planned, in order to keep an eye into the Berliner night life.

Day 2. program

An entire day dedicated to darkroom work. You will develop your roll of film under Michele direction, then you will make some prints out of the best frames.

Workshop fee includes:

  • a full use of the darkroom,
  • chemicals and photo paper for to make a contact sheet and some prints out of the best frames.

Darkroom day will end up with a final critique of photos taken for to improve the next shooting day.

Please consider that the number of prints to make depends on timing. We will not focus on large production with poor quality but instead to little amount of prints produced for a better photographic quality. Never forget that the goal of the workshop is to learn how-to make it and not to produce the largest number of prints possible.

Day 3. program

We will return to take photos in town. After the photo critique you should be able to better focus on the subjects of your interest. You can so avoid the mistakes that might have arisen during the development phase.

The workshop will end at around 5 pm with a final group discussion on the targets achieved.


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