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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Video Making Course Basic in Tiber Valley Umbria


01 May 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Tiber Valley
Via Biturgense 100, Città di Castello, Perugia



In Brief

Basic course of videomaking for beginners in Città di Castello, Tiber valley, Umbria

18 hours in total

2 weeks of duration
3 classes per week of 3 hours each (tailorable to student’s needs)
Days of class: TBD together the students

Lessons in English
Level of the course: basic

Application deadline 1 week prior course beginning


Basic course of videomaking for beginners in Città di Castello, Tiber valley, Umbria

Video maker is a pretty new career. A good videomaker should have quite a number of skills, ranging from photography to lighting to aesthetics. He/she should be able to play various professional roles, from the film director to screen writer, from director of photography to film editor. A good video depends on the quality of balance between creativity and technical skills.

Lessons will cover all the main aspects of video production: from the shooting technique and its main elements such as diaphragm, lenses, depth of field, focus, exposure, framing, camera movements, to recording formats, quality and compression of file; from audio recording and use of microphones, to postproduction, with editing the shot, setting up a project, exporting it to make it availabe for the vision.

During the course the students will be encourageg to conceive and film a short video project.

Access requirements

This is a basic course for beginners who want to approach the world of videomaking. No previous knowledge is needed.

Equipment required is at least a reflex or mirrorless camera with video functions (a smartphone may be good as well if you are entry level) and a laptop with an editing software installed (better if it’a a Mac with Final Cut installed).

Please ask us before to make purchases. We can help you to find the best solution with the least effort. Thank you.

Goals of the course

The goals of the course is to provide basic knowledges and skills necessary to start a career in videomaking, both for professionals and for advanced amateurs.

Main topics covered by the program: shooting skills, film grammar, photographic basic skills, use of videocameras, dslr or mirrorless, recording formats, videomaking skills, video editing theory and technique.



  • Who is a videomaker? Analysis of a professional figure, digital video feature.
  • Shooting technique: exposure, diaphragm, shutter, ISO sensitivity, color temperature, white balance, choice of optics, depth of field, focus.
  • Film grammar: shots, planes, fields
  • Recording mode: cinelike, gamma, log
  • Video camera tools: zebra, histogram, waveform, falsecolor, peaking.
  • Light: light a scene or use natural light, photographic continuity.
  • Tools: differences between DSRL, mirrorless and videocameras; chance and restriction, equipment choice.
  • Moving shooting tools: slider, gimball, drone
  • Video formats: HD systems, difference between progressive and interlaced.
  • Video formats: Ultra HD systems
  • Recording formats and “CODEC”
  • Color downscaling
  • Audio recording.
  • Postproduction: general settings of editing project, assembly techniques, export formats.
  • Conception and planning of a video project: the style, medium choice.


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