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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Video Making Online Course Advanced | E-Learning | Distance Learning | DL


02 Dec 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Online



In Brief

A video making online course of advanced level for who want to learn how to shoot higher level videos and learn advanced video editing

16 hours in total

2 weeks of duration
2-3 classes per week
Days of class: Wednesday and Friday
Timetable:course starts at 5 pm

Lessons in English
Level of the course: advanced

Application deadline 1 week prior course beginning


The Video Making Online Course of advanced level for to deepen your skills in video-making art

You just started using your videocamera and want to know it better to make more challenging videos? This is the program that suites your needs.

This program is designed to be the next step after you studied our Video Making Online Course Basic Level.

Goals of the Distance Learning Video Making Online course

The goal of the course is to help you to go beyond your basic knowledge of your device. It provides a broader understanding on the tools of professional video making and their use.

With this Video Making Online Course Advanced Level you will fine tune your skills to help the making of some products in the various aspects of the modern video making world.

We aim to make you aware of the various possibilities offered by the video making market and how to achieve them.

Access requirements

This video making online course is an advanced course for who wants to deepen and fine tune his/her own skills in the world of video-making. A basic knowledge of videocamera operation and video editing is required.

Equipment needed is at least a reflex or mirrorless camera with video functions and a laptop with an editing software installed.

Personal equipment you need to participate in this course

  • reflex or mirrorless camera with video functions or video camera;
  • Mac laptop or PC with a mounting program installed.

Ask us how to choose the most suitable editing program for you. We can help you.



  • Analysis of the professional figure and of the peculiarities of the profession of video maker, cameraman, filmmaker in relation to the target market: news, video clips, commercials, short films, video art, video documentary.
  • Study of accessory tools. Overview of tools for moving footage: slider, gimball, drone.
  • Shooting techniques. Video formats: HD systems, Ultra HD. Difference between progressive and interlaced.
  • Recording mode: cinelike, gamma, log.
  • Advanced video camera tools: zebra, histogram, waveform, falsecolor, peaking.
  • Lighting technology: illuminate a scene or use natural light. Photographic continuity.
  • Conception and planning of a video project: the style, the choice of the medium.
  • Advanced video making techniques: Color subsampling.
  • Practical creation of short films that can be used in the various areas of the profession, from the commercial to the docu-film, from the news to video art.


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