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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

WordPress Online Course Basic | E-learning | Distance Learning | DL


26 Nov 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Online



In Brief

WordPress Online Course Basic Level in Distance Learning mode for building and managing websites on your own and study from home.

18 hours in total

WordPress Online Course in Distance Learning mode – DL – E-Learning
3 weeks in duration
3 lessons per week of 2 hours each
Class days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Morning and / or evening hours

Method: video conferencing, document sharing, homework
Lessons in English
Course level: basic

Application closes 1 week before course starts


WordPress Online Course Basic Level in Distance Learning mode for building and managing websites.

An online E-learning course, designed to learn the techniques of building a simple website. This program guides you to build a website with the WordPress application.

This study program is aimed at learning how the WordPress platform works and the Internet in general, with the distance learning methodology.

The course takes place online in video conference with a teacher who will explain all the necessary operations in screen sharing. It is possible to interact both with the teacher, in order to ask questions and receive help on the spot, and with any classmates who will all be connected in the same platform.

What we will do in this WordPress course and who it is for

This online WordPress course for the construction of Internet sites with the distance learning method (DL) is specially organized to meet the needs of beginners who need to build a simple website without having to study programming languages ​​thoroughly.

The course begins with the study of the functioning of the Internet, with its urls and paths, with IT bases, continues by explaining the steps necessary to register a domain, to operate a server, to the basic functionalities of the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

One of the purposes of this online WordPress distance learning course is to provide basic notions on the functioning of search engines (Google), of SEO (search engine optimization). This is to encourage the construction of a correct site architecture and optimize its effectiveness. You can always deepen your knowledge of WordPress functioning with the many tutorials provided online, if you need it in a further development stage of your website.

The study program involves the creation of a home page, some pages with content, a contact page and the management of specific plugins for the management of additional content, such as photo galleries. At the end of this basic WordPress course you will have a simple but functional site with which to start promoting your business on the web.

The WordPress installation will involve the use of a free license theme and can be done both remotely and locally, or without the need to purchase a domain and server space during the course. Our teachers know how to guide you through these stages.

Extra costs for the eventual purchase of the domain and hosting

You are free to purchase your own internet domain and your own server space to host your own website. We will explain you the pros and cons of developing a live site or having it locally. No worries now.

The costs for these purchases can amount to approximately 50-200 euros, depending on the case and choices. Our teachers will give you all the information you need to face the best possible expense and keep costs down.

Otherwise we will give you the information to do it locally. We can help you to install it on the hard disk of your PC, at no additional cost. We can thus develop the site locally without problems. If you want to publish it you will have to do it after purchasing the above services.


Online WordPress course program

  • Internet, domains and websites
  • the Maintainer or Registrar (Provider): register the domain .com, .net, .org, .tuanation, etc …
  • Site hosting: Linux and Windows platforms.
  • the Server (provider, hosting): buy disk space
  • The dedicated server: what it is and how it works
  • CPanel Server: what it is and what it is used for
  • Creation of a personalized email address @tuositopersonale
  • WordPress overview, what it is and how it works
  • Install WordPress on your server
  • Https certification
  • The structure of the site: index, home, bio / about, portfolio, contacts, links, sitemap
  • Installation and activation of plugins for additional features
  • Introduction to SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • Presentation of the site to Google: Google MyBusiness, links with other sites

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