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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

16 Sunny Rule Florence Photography Workshop


Jun 07 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Florence
Borgo Santa Croce 17, Florence



In Brief

Take photographs without relying on a lightmeter with the 16 Sunny Rule Florence course. Learn how to shoot without looking at the camera’s exposure meter.

1 day full-immersion

1 day of duration (Saturday or Sunday)
8 hours in total

Lessons in English
Level of the course: basic

Application deadline 1 week prior course beginning


16 Sunny Rule Florence photography course, for learning how to take photographs without relying on a exposure-meter.

During this experience you will learn how to use the 16 Sunny Rule for to judge the luminosity of the scene and take the correct decision on the couple speed/aperture to set up on your camera for to get a correct exposure.

Lomography, color photography, digital photography: this is a course on analog black and white film photography, but the 16 Sunny Rule applies to the entire world of photography, including analogue color photography, lomography and modern digital photography. Do not underestimate the importance of being knowledgeable with this rule!

This is the workshop for to learn how to take photographs without looking at the lightmeter signs which surround your camera’s viewfinder.

With the 16 Sunny Rule Florence course you will have a unique experience on an archaic form of taking photographs, rooted in the early age of this art. You will learn how to engage yourself in the scene you are picturing like the early photographers were doing. You will change your state of mind to photography once for good.

Lightmeters entered the photographer’s daily life starting from the second half f the last century. Before of that, photographers were not used to rely on those devices. They were relying on their knowledge, or experience, to evaluate intensity of the light on a due scene. They were founding their skills on the 16 Sunny Rule.

Such a knowledge was able to grant them not only a precise idea of what they were about to shoot and how, but also to stay attentively stick with their eyes to subject with no distraction provided by the necessity of reading the lightmeter every second out of two.

Thanks to the 16 Sunny Rule Florence course you will become experts of photographic light.

You will be able to get close to the real essence of photography, which, notoriously, means ‘drawing with the light’, which meaning has been today dismissed or ignored by the largest part of who ‘takes a picture’.

Too many of us photographers have put a distance with the meaning of taking pictures. Modern mobile phones, as well as digital cameras, have taken over our judgement.

Photographing with a mobile phone is no more a magic experience like in the past, when. into the analog camera there was a roll of black and white film. The light was passing through the lens in a specific setting provided by the photographer, hitting the sensitive chemical on the film, producing the ‘latent’ image which no one could have a preview of until after having the film developed. No one could see the final result on a monitor before going to darkroom.

Taking photos with film requires an attention the mobile phone does not. It’s a totally different experience. It’s a real world made of light and sensations which belong to the photographer, not to the software.

We believe this early-photography experience deserves to be fully enjoyed, bringing the photographer back to be the center of this art, not the means.

In the last decades the photographic industry has been trying to bear all decisions involving the making of a picture, leaving too little to be handled by the photographer. Today the software designers handle almost every single part of the process: exposure, contrast, white balance, focus, speed, defocus… etc… We are left just framing. In a few time the new ‘apps’ will take over that feature too.

Would you like to have true fun with your analog film camera?

Learn how to take photos in the most simple way possible, gaining knowledge of the lighting situations and being able to record them by selecting just two numbers on your photocamera. The 16 Sunny Rule Florence photography course can take us back to be 100% masters of our art.

Who can call themselves photographers, if they don’t understand the implications of the light on the scene?

Try to remove the lightmeter to a professional photographer (histogram included): how many could assess the right exposure just looking at the light of the scene? Can someone call him or herself ‘photographer’ if they do not know light and its implications?

To photograph is not to release a button. Photographing is a sensorial experience that springs from us, goes to subject, comes back and keeps going on afterwords in darkroom, with the development of the negative and the print. Whoever uses a photocamera deserves to fully enjoy the art of photography, as a complete experience which includes all these stretches.

This workshop runs for a full day. In the morning we will learn the 16 Sunny Rule beside many other things which are around the analog film camera, like speeds, apertures, ISO numbers, and so on. In the afternoon we will go outside for a practical shooting session.

At the end of this course you will be able to begin a new relationship with your camera. You will use it right if it is a part of your eye and not anymore like an alien object attention-demanding. From now on, photography will be a much better experience for you, because it will be entirely belonging to you.

We are not going to do film development in this program. Who desire to learn how to do it on their own can take part to the next workshop which is about film development and darkroom print.

Who may like this course

Florence lovers first of all. This 16 Sunny Rule Florence photography course will take you on strolling for the hidden paths of Florence, the old town, the old florentine quarters and discovering beautiful sights of this historical town.

Absolute beginners in photography. Also, beginners in analog photography; expert photographers with no know-how on taking photos without the help of an exposure meter device.

Who uses an analog film camera, both black and white and color; who owns a very old photocamera with speeds and aperture control only; whoever have been operating their cameras always using the lightmeter; who is willing to discover a new way of doing photography; whoever wants to understand lighting from its roots; to all lomography and pinhole photography users.

Equipment needed

A serviced film photocamera (analog) with a lens and at least one roll of black and white film classic type (see specification about both camera and film requirements in the Student Guide section);



  • Basics of analog photography technique
  • Camera operation, camera functions, exposure techniques.
  • Handling of black and white film.
  • How to work with the f16 Sunny Rule without the help of a light-meter.
  • Speeds, apertures, ISO numbers as noone told you before.
  • Origins of the ISO numbers. What to do with them?
  • The 16 Sunny Rule
  • Study of lighting situations as described by the rule.
  • How to operate your camera flawlessly with the 16 Sunny Rule
  • Lunch break.
  • Outdoor field trip for to operate your camera with the 16 Sunny Rule, experiencing various lighting conditions.
  • Back to school for final discussions and greetings.


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