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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Architectural and Interiors Photography Course in Florence


May 01 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Florence
Borgo Santa Croce 17, Florence



In Brief

A course for to learn Architectural Photography and prepare a portfolio for to work in architecture photography field

16 hours course

One weekend duration (Saturday and Sunday)
beginning 9:30am, ending 5:30pm

Lessons in English
Level of the course: intermediate
Extra fees: no

Applications close 1 week prior course starting


The Architectural Photography course in Florence

In this course, students learn how to shoot architectures properly, both indoors and outdoors, operate with large-format film and the large format view camera, use Photoshop for image correction dedicated to architecture and post-production for this specific field of professional photography. They also learn how to get maximum advantage by the use of their personal digital cameras and smartphones, for a quick access to social media platforms with a high-level architectural body of work.

Architectural Photography Course in Florence is designed to let the students work with the large format view camera equipment and advanced techniques dedicated to professional photography for architecture, interiors and buildings, as well as with postproduction apps, such as Photoshop, for to prepare a professional portfolio on architectural photography.

Topics include how to use the view camera, how to communicate with the correct use of the perspective and how to make all of that functional to the modern digital era.

Outdoor shooting sessions in Florence

Part of the course will be dedicated to outdoor shooting in Florence. We will take advantage of the beautiful ancient town of Florence, with its monuments and spectacular views for to train ourselves on architectural photography.

Participants to this course should expect to walk for to reach the shooting locations in town.

What’s included in the cost of Architectural Photography Course in Florence

Every student will shoot a minimum of 5-6 sheet films and keep them after the course. Gears (view camera and necessary equipment) will be provided by the school.

Chemicals for film development is included in the fee.

Meals and accommodation for students not based in Florence is not included in the course fee.



  • Introduction to architectural photography for exteriors and interiors: basic rules, basics of visual perception and perspective.
  • A view on cameras and tools for architectural photography, from view camera to smartphone, from tripod to Photoshop.
  • Introduction to the view camera and large format 4×5″ and 5×7″ films. View camera movements: shifting, tilting, swinging. What are them and how to use them in architectural photography.
  • Lens coverage: what is it and why it is important in architectural photography.
  • Practical view camera: perspective control with shifting feature, focal control with tilting feature.
  • Tripods: how to choose a good tripod for architectural purposes.
  • Architectural photography with your Dsrl and smartphone.
  • How to picture architectures: basic rules, what to do and what not to do.
  • Lightroom and Photoshop as postproduction tool for the control of architectural photography. Practical Photoshop/Lightroom session for to import, edit and post adjustments of digital photos.
  • Quick view on PC lenses (Shift)
  • Study of important photographers which work or left their footprint in this subject matter field. Urban documentation photography vs commercial photography.
  • Outdoor shooting sessions planned both in exteriors and interiors (squares, city landmarks, locals and hotels depending on availability). Consider part of the program will consist of outdoor work for both days.


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