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Nude Photography Workshop Andros Island Greece


Jul 04 2021


TheDarkroom Academy - Andros
Chora Andros, Greece



In Brief

Nude photography experience on the Greek island of Andros, immersed in the beauty of the Cyclades archipelago, under the Mediterranean sun, with TheDarkroom Experience program.

1 day full-immersion
2 days full-immersion
3 days full-immersion

Program of the first day
Arrival within 9:30 am
lunch break (included)
workshop ends at around 5 pm
Accommodation available for more days workshop

Lesson in English
Level of the course: advanced, hands-on workshop. Dates are tentative. Choose your date and fix your private workshop.

Application fee includes teaching and professional model for one day. If you like to stay for more days please contact us for a tailored quotation.


Nude photography course on the Greek island of Andros, immersed in the beauty of the Cyclades archipelago, under the Mediterranean sun.

This nude photography course on the island of Andros will be a hands-on course. Participants will spend a whole day studying nude photography both indoor and outdoor. They will exploit the resources offered by the island, such as the typical houses and natural emergencies, such as the Mediterranean wood, the beaches and the hidden coves where you can access the sea.

The nude photography course will be taught and supervised by an expert and recognized photographer on the fields of artistic nude and portraiture.

The nude workshop with a model on the island of Andros in Greece will give the opportunity to develop and deepen nude photography and to be followed by a professional in the sector, to produce excellent photographs.

How the nude photography course will take place on the island

We will all meet together with the course participants in the main town of the island (Xora) for a brief introduction to the course and to learn the basic rules for moving in this type of photography, especially outdoors.

A brief discussion on nude photography will follow. Then we will start our indoor and outdoor shooting session with a model. We will especially learn to work with ambient light, taking advantage of the magnificent light that the island offers us in the summer.

Everyone can decide the type of images they want to take and everyone will be followed individually to create the “story” they prefer. At the end of the day we will make a critique of the images produced.

A spaghetti-lunch is included in the course.

Stay in Andros

Anyone who wants to can stay in Andros for a holiday and in this case will need accommodation. With this workshop you will have the opportunity to choose to stay for a few days. Those who want to spend a few days’ holiday in Andros can do it.

How to get to Andros and how to stay

The Andros administration website is very accurate and complete with information on everything the island has to offer. We advise you to start there. However we are available for any advice you may need and do not hesitate to ask us. We are here to assist you in finding transportation and accommodation near the workshop venue, which will be our point of reference for this nude photography experience in Andros, Greece.

The return journey, to and from Andros, is up to each participant. You will have to reach the island by your own means. We are not a travel agency and we are not authorized to organize overnight stays or travel, but we will certainly assist you in finding the best solution both for the journey by ferry and for accommodation on site.

It is our priority to help you find cheap accommodation or to your taste in the area where we will hold the nude photography workshop. We will also activate a group chat to facilitate those who want to share a room with other participants.

Access requirements

Participants in this workshop must already know the basic rules of photographic technique, know how to use their camera well, know how to properly expose and use various lenses. This is not a basic course for beginners and we cannot follow novice beginners. This is advanced level photography course.

We recommend that you bring at least one digital camera with a series of lenses (also zoom) with focal lengths that go at least from standard to telephoto. A long telephoto lens, for example 200 mm or 300 mm (but also longer, if you have one) will be very useful to exploit the potential offered by photographing on an island.

A laptop with Lightroom or similar installed (PhotoDirector, Luminar, Capture One) will be very useful to be able to make an accurate critique of the work. Alternatively, it will be possible to use the teacher’s laptop, but – in this case – for demonstration purposes only.

Don’t forget a set of batteries to not stay dry during outdoor sessions.

Those who own a portable flash bring it, so they can experiment with alternatives to natural light with their equipment.

Sun hat, water bottle and a proper walking equipment will be necessary.


Program of the day

Meeting on site (Xora) at 9:30 am.

Introduction of the participants and introduction to the day.

Presentation on nude photography and indications on how to behave on set, both indoors and outdoors.

Photographic shooting with model in interior of a typical house of the location.

Excursion in the surroundings for various outdoor sets and model photography, taking advantage of both the wild nature and the hidden coves of the island, including the beach.

Meeting in the late afternoon for a critical review on the images that we will have taken during the day.

The course ends at around 5pm


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    Nude Photography Workshop Andros Island Greece
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