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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Textile Printing Course in Florence


Nov 05 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Florence
Borgo Santa Croce 17, Florence



In Brief

Textile Printing Course Florence, for printing your own logo on a t-shirt, canvas bag or any other fabric for your commerce purpose

12 hours course

Customizable course
We are flexible: you can ask us your preferred day to start it, as well as your required timetable. Apply, then you can fix your timetable together with the teacher. You can start it even before the set date.

2 weeks of duration
3 classes per week of 2 hours each, TBD

lessons in English
Level of the course: basic

Application close 1 week prior course starting


Screen printing and laser cutting  with Textile Printing Course Florence

The course unveils the artistic production processes such as screen printing and laser cutting. Once the know-how of the drawing process is acquired, the making of the products begins. You can transfer your own made design to the support you provided and you can start a small production.

From the project to the product, an artistic and artisan itinerary that re-proposes the excellence of materials, local Italian craftsmanship and Florentine design. That’s well known around the World as “Made in Italy”.

What is textile printing?

It consists on a logo designed and printed on a fabric such as a t-shirt, a jacket or any other textile product. Just think for example of the thousands of t-shirts on sale in large retail stores that carry the Levi’s or Coca-Cola logo. That’s what we are going to learn how to do.

During our Textile Printing Course Florence you will undertake an intellectual and practical cognitive journey with different graphic application techniques.

Discover a unique textile printing process with our Textile Printing Course Florence

You will be able to experience unique textile-making processes. The Textile Printing Course Florence program offers a unique experience on its kind, on the processing phases involved in textile furnishing.

It aims to guide you through the development of a sample product, starting from the choice of materials such as cotton or linen, with a suitable application technique. It allows to make a unique piece of clothing, like a t-shirt, pillow cover, tablecloth, curtain, covers for sofas and much more.

Want to know more about making logos on fabrics? Check out our Screen Printing Course in Florence!

Access Requirements

This course is open to all those who wish to discover the wonders related to manual artistic and artisanal production. A personal laptop is necessary.


Textile Printing Course Florence Program

Introduction to screen printing.

Introduction to laser cutting.

Artistic project.
Ideas get shaped.

Choice of print media.
Cotton or linen? Material selection criteria.

Project presentation.
Sample product preparation, fabrics, colors and shapes.

From the drawing to the preparation of the matrix.
What features must a design have to become a matrix?

Artistic post-production.
Once the drawing is ready, it goes on to print or laser production.

Product presentation.
Finished product is delivered. Final evaluations.


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