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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Wet Collodion Photography Workshop Andros Island Greece


Jun 10 2020


TheDarkroom Academy - Andros
Chora Andros, Greece



In Brief

A one-day wet collodion photography workshop on the island of Andros in Greece, surrounded by the Cycladic sea, white beaches and the Mediterranean sun, with TheDarkroom Experience program.

1 day full-immersion

Workshop plan:
arrival within 9:30 am
lunch break (included)
workshop ends at around 5 pm

Lesson in English
Level of the course: basic, workshop hands-on

Application deadline 1 week prior course beginning


Wet collodion photography experience on the island of Andros in Greece, surrounded by the Cycladic sea, white beaches and the Mediterranean sun.

An experience in the field to learn everything there is to know about analogue photography with alternative process of wet collodion and to go home with the mastery of wet collodion technique to be able to continue photographing independently.

The course of wet collodion photography lasts a full day, for about 8 hours, including a lunch. The registration fee includes materials and chemistry for the production of collodion plates and a spaghetti-lunch for all members. Each participant will return home with at least one good and finished picture.

What is wet collodion?

Wet collodion is both fascinating and wonderful. It was one of the oldest photography techniques invented. To date called photographic alternative process, It dates back to 1851, by Frederick Scott Archer. This ancient technique allowed the development of photography as we know it today, the one with the transparent negative.

The wet collodion, and with it its two variants ambrotype and ferrotype, was the technique that allowed the diffusion of black and white photography on a large scale. With collodion you can make direct positives, called ferrotypes. These can be described as a kind of proto-Polaroid photo, which appears directly positive on a metal plate. Or you can get negatives on a glass plate, called ambrotypes, then printable in a darkroom and reproducible in a series by contact printing.

The work will be done entirely with 4×5″ format plates and with a view camera specially modified to accommodate the collodion technique. You will see for yourself how you can modify your actual view camera and start photographing with the collodion yourself, at your home.

The work program includes exposure techniques and basic darkroom principles.

A day on a Greek island, or even more.

With this alternative process photography workshop you will have the opportunity to live a day in a typical Greek island and, if you wish, also to stay more than one day. We assist you to find the best solution both for the journey by ferry or plane, and for accommodation on site. Those who wish to spend a multi-day holiday in Andros can do so.

How to get to Andros

The site of the local administration of Andros is clear and complete with information on all that the island offers. We suggest you start there, but don’t hesitate to ask us for advice! We are willing to help you to find the best solution to get to Andros island, Greece, and to find an accommodation near the area where the collodion workshop will take place.

Unfortunately we are not entitled to provide travel or accommodation on your behalf because we are not a registered travel agency. Travel and accommodation shall be up to you.

In any case you will be not left alone and we will assist you in any way to make you happy with travel and accommodation for your trip to Andros during the collodion workshop. A group chat will be set up for to allow you to eventually find a workshop-mate to share a room together, if you like.

Access requirements

No one. This is a course for both beginners in photography and experts who desire to learn something more about alternative processes such as wet collodion. We provide all the equipment needed (view camera, lenses, darkroom…). You won’t have to bring anything with you, just a great curiosity and desire to do.


Program of the day

This wet collodion workshop in Andros, Greece, lasts a full day, about 8 hours. We will meet for 9:30 on the spot.

The course begins with a short lesson on the history of collodion. Then we will study the technique and see a series of original collodion photographs, taken in 1800.

After theory, practice begins. We will prepare the necessary solutions – Collodio, Development and Fixing – and we will prepare the sheets.

As soon as the sheets are ready, we can start organizing a set around the house, taking advantage of the natural beauty that the island offers us, from the beach to the coast, from rural houses to the surrounding nature.

So we will start taking our photographs with the collodion technique. It will require a nice sunny day because collodion is very slow to react with light. We trust in the Greek sun to support us. Even in case of rain, we trust this does not last all day.

Between a set and another, between one development and another, the spaghetti-lunch will be a pleasant break while we enjoy the panorama of the island.

At the end of this photographic experience in Greece, approximately in the late afternoon, each participant will have acquired the basic knowledge and the necessary technique to continue making wet collodion independently, at home.


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