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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

WordPress Course Florence Basic Level


May 01 2020


TheDarkroom Academy Florence
Borgo Santa Croce 17, Florence



In Brief

WordPress introductory course for building and managing simple websites on your own.

18 hours in total

2 weeks of duration
3 classes per week
Days of class: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Timetable: 7-10 pm

Lessons in English
Level of the course: basic

Application deadline 1 week prior course beginning


WordPress course for building and managing websites.

This course is dedicated to the study of the WordPress platform and the functioning of the Web. It is a course dedicated to starting building your own website using the WordPress platform.

Who is aimed to and what we do

This program is aimed at Web design beginners and starts from scratch. The program begins with an exposition of the functioning of the Internet, from the registration of a domain, to the functioning of a server, to the basic functionalities of the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

The program continues with basic notions on the functioning of search engines (Google) of the so-called SEO (search engine optimization) that is all that part of the Web technique dedicated to indexing your site.

The study program involves the creation of a home page, some pages with content, a contact page and the management of specific plugins for the management of additional content.

The WordPress installation will involve the use of a free license theme.

Goals of the course

At the end of this basic level, the student will have acquired basic notions for creating his/her own site and managing it. The knowledge thus acquired will be the foundation for the construction or development of more complex sites in the future.

Extra costs

In order to carry out this study program correctly, the student will have to buy his own internet domain and server space to host his own website.

Our teachers will provide all the information necessary to face the best possible expense and keep costs down.

However, it is important to understand that starting this course means starting working on your website. This is not possible without having a server that can host such a site.

The participant will have to bear these expenses which amount may be in the range 50-200 euros, depending on the cases and choices made.



  • Internet, domains and websites
  • the Maintainer or Registrar (Provider): registering the domain .com, .net, .org, .yournation, etc …
  • Site hosting: Linux and Windows platforms.
  • the Server (provider, hosting): buying disk space
  • cPanel: what is it and what’s for
  • Opening of a personal email address @yourpersonalsite
  • The dedicated server: what it is and how it works
  • Overview of WordPress, what it is and how it works
  • Installing WordPress on your server
  • Https certification
  • The structure of the site: index, home, bio / about, portfolio, contacts, links, sitemap
  • Installation and activation of plugins for additional features
  • Introduction to SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • Presentation of the site to Google: Google MyBusiness, links with other sites


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