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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

General Conditions

These conditions apply to all the premises of TheDarkroom Academy, called TDA from now onward.

PERSONAL PROPERTIES – Everybody is responsible of damages provided to equipment in use and he/she is held to reimbursement. TDA has no responsibility for participants properties left at TDA. Participants must write their names and surnames on everything of their own property left at TDA. At the end of the activity, TDA will remove all materials left in the premises. TDA supplies necessary equipments and gears for studio classes and for exclusive in-class use under the supervision of the teacher.

CERTIFICATE – Attendance, participation and enrollment certificates will be released after total payment of the course participation fee.

COURSE OPENING – Academic courses open with a minimum of 3 participants. Due the case the number of participants to any course is less than 3, the school reserves the right to halve the total amount of hours as indicated in the course program or in the catalogue or to ask for an extra fee. TDA reserves the right to not open a course and/or to stop a course whenever the minimum limit of 3 participants is not reached.

APPLICATION TERMS – Please refer to the specific page, which link is at the footer of every page.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND – Please refer to the Application Terms page, which link is at the footer of every page.

SCHEDULES, TIMETABLES AND COURSE DURATION – Wherever specified that the duration of a specific course is one month, we intend 4 weeks. One hour of lesson consists of 50 minutes lesson and 10 minutes break, organized by the teachers. Schedules and timetables for activities are given at the time of beginning of the course.

MAKE UP CLASSES – Whenever TDA will be able not to hold a class, that class will be rescheduled. No make up classes are due for late arrival of students to class, Holidays, school vacations and national feast-days. Hours spent in visiting shows, movies, exhibitions, museums, events, etc…are included in the course schedule.

RESPONSIBILITY – The undersigned declares to bear all responsibilities for his/her own activities and/or actions carried out for TDA, also inside the building, premises of TDA. He/she releases also from any duty the TDA’s representative abandoning since now any claim for compensation toward TDA and its representative.

PRIVACY – The undersigned authorize his/her personal details to be made available to TDA’s premise with which he/she is applying to, according to the Italian Law concerning privacy (L. 196/03) and authorizes the transmission of such data to TDA’s premise with which he/she is applying to.

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