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“Made in Taiwan”, the solo-exhibition of our graduated photography student Matt Che-I Liao

TheDarkroom Academy - “Made in Taiwan”, the solo-exhibition of our graduated photography student Matt Che-I Liao


TheDarkroom Academy is proud to introduce its first graduated student’s solo-exhibition ever “Made in Taiwan”, photos by Che-I Liao (Matt).

TheDarkroom Academy is committed since its birth to train photographers and multimedia artists in a professional way. So far our academy has never focused on to promote the work of its best and most skilled graduated students. Never too late to begin.

Today we are very happy to introduce you to this young photographer from Taiwan, Matt Che-I Liao. Matt has been enrolled in our academic course of Fine-Art Photography for one year. Some of his photographs are also currently shown in Florence with the collective school final exhibition.

His personal work is so ground-breaking that in our opinion deserved a solo exhibition before he leaves for Taiwan again. Please read in Matt’s words who is him and the kind of work you are going to see at the exhibition curated by of faculty advisor Michele Pero, through 20 selected pictures edited by our teacher photographer Franco Guardascione of the solo-exhibition “Made in Taiwan”. Exhibition is going to open on September 1st 2017 at Caffè Letterario Le Murate, Piazza delle Murate, Firenze.

The exhibition will be open throug September 6th 2017, free entrance.

Che-I, Liao ( Matt )

“I am a photographer grown up in Taiwan, a beautiful island in the middle of Pacific Ocean, and now based in Florence, Italy.

My photography represents my life and philosophy that can be summarised in this motto “Perfecting the ordinary is extraordinary”. I wish to encourage dialogue about the beauty and a new viewpoint that include things that seem rather ordinary.

For the last four years, I have traveled intensively, paying particular attention to people, culture and issues they deal with everyday in order to create indelible and unforgettable images. My deep interest in history and literature as well as the extent of commitment to this project are well represented through the language of the pictures you are going to look at.

I hope my passion towards photography would trigger special sensibility in your heart. It expresses the deep spirituality that I witnessed on my path and that I tried to immortalise in these images and donate it to people that might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience such a beauty.

Before coming to Italy to study photography I was just a photography lover. I did not dare to call myself a photographer because I was not sure if I truly was understanding images. But after graduated in the academic course of Fine-Art Photography by TheDarkroom Academy I was inspired a lot. It feels like walking out of a black hole and I see the sunshine and the world now. I wish to turn the subjective condition of images into an objective expression and to make the images stay at present, more than represent the present. It is not just a question of photography skill but my philosophy to the World.

Photography always keeps me passionate because it brings me new visions and thoughts and makes me looking at the World in a broader way. I believe photography will be the mainstream art. In this century, the imagination of photography is no less than other forms of art. On the other hand, there is still prospect for its development. Photography could become the most important contemporary art because we are living in the age of image. We are affected by all kinds of image everyday. So I would like to do more research on images and to make the ordinary images into unordinary ones.”

Email: matt710403[at]gmail[dot]com
Instagram: @matt_che_i_liao

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