27 September 2021 09:59

Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Newsletter #1 winter 2021

What will TheDarkroom do this year?

The Valtiberina headquarters in Città di Castello are operational. They are not open to the public but can be used for short-term courses, especially those that include lessons also outdoors.

We have also activated collaborations with accommodation facilities on the Tuscan Apennines to carry out impromptu weekend workshops.

Here follow the courses that we have opened and that will definitely start.

Applications open for courses of:

  • Darkroom, black and white film development and printing, 13-14 March 2021
  • Wild View Wet Plate Collodion in the woods of the Tuscan Apennines, 1-2 May 2021
  • Alternative Photography, wet plate collodion and salted paper printing, May 22-23, 2021
  • Nude photography in Tuscany and Greece: these workshops are now offered on a private and tailorable basis; write us for to open your tailored private nude photography workshop.

Forthcoming, courses in preparation during the spring and summer in Valtiberina and Sardinia:

  • Valtiberina: darkroom, black and white development and printing, f16 Sunny Rule, basic level;
  • Valtiberina: alternative photography (wet plate collodion, salted paper, albumen print, carbon print, cyanotype and Van Dyke);
  • Valtiberina: fine-art silver gelatine print, Beers development and archival processes;
  • Valtiberina: architectural photography and black and white still-life, theory and technique of the optical bench (large format camera with moving bodies for the control of perspective and focal plane);
  • Sardinia: basic digital photography, entry level (applications from the Italian website);
  • Sardinia: f16 Sunny Rule course (applications from the Italian website).

Online courses are always open

Write us for to open your preferite online course amongst the ones we offer. We can open it for just one single student also. If your date is not available, please write us.

Definitive closure of the Florence premise.

Due to Covid consequences, the Florence premise has been closed since March 2020 and will be not reopened. We regret having to communicate this radical decision but unfortunately it is not possible to maintain a location to host mainly foreign students who will not return until a few years from now.

If we will be able to manage the starting of new short courses in Florence, you will be informed via newsletter and on our social network.

Cancellation of the annual photography and multimedia course in Florence

Another consequence of the closure of the premise is the cancellation of our top-hit Photography and Professional Multimedia course in Florence.

For the same reasons related to Covid, we are unable to guarantee the departure of a long-term course in October 2021. Preparation for such a course is long and would have started now. With regret we must say we cannot keep it.

We thank all those who have written to us so far and who would have liked to attend our course.

Cancellation of wet plate collodion workshop in Berlin

Again, another consequence of the dramatic Covid situation that hits Germany harder than Italy. We are forced – for obvious reasons – to cancel all our workshops that were planned in Berlin for alternative photography, wet collodion and salted paper this year.

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