16 April 2021 02:31

Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Newsletter | Summer 2020 bulletin

Enjoy our new summer courses in Sardinia and Berlin

We are opening new courses in Sardinia this summer. At the moment, Sardinia courses are held in Italian language only, but we are working to open them in English language also.
The new workshops in Berlin are held in English language and they include our brand-new Wet Collodion workshop:

Other courses and workshops held in our Florence and Tiber Valley premises are:

Applications are open.

Florence premise remains closed

Our premise in Florence remains closed until further notice. We believe possible to reopen it in September/October.
The 16 Sunny Rule course in Florence will occur in outdoor so it’s open.
Screen Printing and Textile Printing in Florence will occur in our workshop, which is open.

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The communication of all our news via newsletter will be grouped together to avoid having to send a large number of emails with a single news each.
We kindly ask you to follow us on our Telegram channel and on our social networks for a faster update.
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