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VISA Permit of Stay

Welcome to our guide to obtain the VISA (Permit of Stay – Residence Permit)

Herewith you can find all information for to obtain the VISA through any Italian Consulate in the World or for to request the Permit of Stay once arrived in Italy. We can help you to get the necessary Student VISA for a period of study of 20 hours a week.

The Student VISA is required for a period of stay of three months or longer. If you are about to stay less than three months you do not need a Student VISA. In this case you only need a Tourist VISA, which is easier to get and you do not need any documentation from us. This must be asked in any Italian Consulate in your Country or, if you already arrived in Italy, by the Questura with a procedure described further in this guide.

Ask for VISA at any Italian Consulate in your Country

Private schools such as our one can release Certificate of Enrollment and Proof of Payment to submit to the Italian Consulate for to obtain the Student VISA.
The Consulate requires that (1) the course is at least 20 hours per week long, (2) the student has paid the full amount of the course, (3) the school declares where the student will be accommodated, (4) the student declares who will pay for his/her stay in Italy for the entire period of study.

We will help you to provide for all the documents required with the necessary amount of hours required. We remind you that you are asked to pay the course full in advance. With the Certificate of Enrollment and the Proof of Payment you can ask for an appointment with your Italian Consulate to discuss the release of the VISA.

The people in charge at the Consulate will evaluate your request and will decide if to release a VISA or if to deny it. Normally they accept it, except for some Countries from which they believe there is a risk of illegal emigration towards Italy. Some of the blacklisted Countries are, for example, Pakistan, India and all the African Countries. This is not an automated process, so it is always good to try. In the past we had students from blacklisted Countries.

What should you do for to get Student VISA in your Country

Please select your course and then ask us to prepare documents for the VISA. In this case the student is required to pay the total amount of the course fee in advance.

After payment has been settled, we will send all official documents required by the Italian Consulates or Embassies in your Country, stating at least 20 hours class per week.

We can deliver the required documents to your address the day after we received the payment. You can ask us to send them via normal Post or via fast courier. Normal Post may take up to two-three weeks. In case you choose fast courier, TheDarkroom will ask for an extra fee at time of your arrival. No extra fees are charged for normal Post.

VISA not granted?

Our documents are always accepted by Italian Consulates all over the World. In the rare and never happened case the VISA is denied, we will refund all amount paid but a fee of 250 euro for procedure expenses.

How to obtain a Permit of Stay if you are already arrived in Italy

Within 8 days from your arrival in Italy you can ask for a Permit of Stay. It is necessary to show up in some various offices, get some documents and bring them in other offices. Herewith described how to do so.

First of all gov by any Post Office (Poste Italiane):

  • ask for ‘Busta-Kit’ for ‘Permesso di Soggiorno’;
  • fill up the module you find in the Busta-Kit;
  • pay 30,46 euro and 30,00 euro for the delivery via Poste Italiane – you must pay this at the Post Office with special payment modules called ‘bollettino’ you can ask for at your available teller;

Then go in a ‘copisteria’ (a place where they make xerox copies):

  • copy and print ALL the pages of your passport;

By the photographer or by any instant passport photo machine:

  • get 4 passport photos

By a Tabacchi shop (tobaccos shop):

  • buy a ‘marca da bollo’ of 16 euro;

By the school:

  • get the Certificate of Enrollment and Proof of Payment of your course;

Now go at Ufficio Immigrazione Questura di Firenze (Police office for immigrants) located in Via della Fortezza 17 Florence (please see its opening hours in the links provided below) and bring with you:

  • the Busta-Kit module;
  • your passport;
  • xerox copies of your passport;
  • 4 passport photos;
  • ‘marca da bollo’ of Euro 16,00;
  • Certificate of Enrollment and Proof of Payment
  • proof of payment of 30,46 euro and 30,00 euro at Poste Italiane (bollettino).

The people in charge at the office will tell you the terms for the release of your Permit of Stay.

Extension of your VISA

You can extend a Student VISA only enrolling in the same school and the same type of course, or similar, with whom you obtained your first Student VISA. You can stay in Italy are to a maximum of three years and during this time you can also work in regular employment, part time, 4 hours per day.

Follow these links to the official websites of the Polizia di Stato to find the latest updates to VISA rules:

Residence permit

How and where a foreign national can obtain a residence permit in Italy

Questura Firenze Ufficio Immigrazione – Sportelli
Via della Fortezza, 17

For any needwe are at your disposal for to help you with the obtaining of the VISA and the Permit of Stay.

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