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Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience
Photography video graphics web | Florence Tiber-Valley Experience

Wild View Photography Workshops

What are the Wild View Photography Workshops?

The Wild View Photography Workshops are an alternative photography experience in contact with nature, with few modern comforts, entirely focused on taking pictures with the view camera and the ancient nineteenth-century technique of wet plate collodion, as the pioneers did in the Far West:

Wild: wild, primitive, sensorial, direct, natural, bare, carnal, essential, minimal, in contact with nature, without artifice, without tricks, without post production or computer. For those looking for a direct eye-camera-subject-nature. Wild as were the photographers of the Far West, who prepared the plates for the wet plate collodion at the moment, on location. Photoshop is banned here.

View: as sight, observation, experience of the eye, but also of the mind. A slow, thoughtful, careful, reasoned photograph. The opposite of shooting in bursts with a mobile phone. If “slow food” has become synonymous with great quality in eating, here the term “slow photography” fits, as a meditative approach to a protagonist photograph, studied and aware, strictly in black and white and made entirely by hand.

Photography: experience of alternative photography with wet plate collodion and straight photography, to retrace the great stages of photography, from its birth to its definitive affirmation as an art.

Workshop: a course in contact with nature, far from inhabited centers, in the woods of the Tuscan Apennines. An original teaching experience, with the guidance of our established and long-experienced photographers, both in the field and in teaching.

The entire photographic experience will be a full immersion in the wild mountain life in contact with nature, experiencing the alternative photography of wet plate collodion prepared on the spot with a field portable darkroom.

A unique photographic experience in the footsteps of the pioneers of photography

The Wild View Photography Workshop takes you to live a unique photographic experience in the footsteps of the pioneers of photography. You will experience photography with a 1800’s wooden view camera, a field portable darkroom, collodion plates, a lens, an aperture and – perhaps – a shutter.

You will be in contact with nature, with few modern comforts, entirely focused on seeing and taking photographs with a nineteenth-century technique that now belongs to the so-called alternative photography.

We will choose suitable framings around our base, where we can place the portable darkroom and we will take portraits and glimpses with the wet plate collodion technique, as the pioneers of 1800 photography did. We will discover how to take photographs with a “vintage” look, to achieve the same look as the photos by Roger Fenton, Nadar, the Alinari Brothers, Eugène Atget and Julia Margaret Cameron show.

Wild View Photography Workshops horses grazing on the Tuscan Appennines
Wild View Photography Workshops horses grazing on the Tuscan Appennines

Rural accommodation in a mountain farmhouse

We will be accommodated in a farmhouse or a mountain refuge, depending on where the workshop will take place. The forest will be all around us. There will be ideas for creativity.

In the evening we will meet to discuss the work done and to finish the slabs produced during the day. Then everyone will have their own room to rest. This will also be an opportunity for couples or groups of friends to spend a different weekend than usual and take advantage of the farmhouse or refuge to extend their stay beyond the workshop program where permitted by the structure. Write to us and ask us.

What does the registration fee for the Wild View Photography Workshop include?

The registration fee always includes the teaching and materials provided for the course. Other materials for personal use will be indicated in a specific paragraph indicated on the registration page.

The fee does not include the cost of food and accommodation which will be paid separately at the farmhouse or refuge on site.

The start dates will be published on the course page that you will find in the Experience Course list and Valtiberina Course list, along with other courses available. Anyone wishing an ‘ad hoc’ program for a group of friends can ask and we can organize private and personalized programs.

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